Inspiring, Educating, and Enhancing the Lives of Incarcerated Individuals

Securus Originals is a content platform created by Securus Technologies® that focuses on betterment, successful reentry, and education. Through this exclusive platform, Securus® is able to elevate and distribute content designed to inspire, educate, and enhance the lives of incarcerated individuals, their family and friends, and the public.

DAY ONE with Andre Norman™

Pep Talk Video Series

A successful re-entry starts on the first day. Check out DAY ONE with Andre Norman™ podcasts, the newest series on Securus Originals™, to learn how formerly incarcerated individuals set themselves up for post-incarceration success.

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Latest Episodes: DAY ONE with Andre Norman™

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Episode 12: Max Out the Opportunities You’re Given – featuring Dominic Williams

Episode 11: Educate Yourself: Make the Most of Your Resources – featuring Brent Burke

Episode 10: Focus on Your Desire to Change – featuring Giant

Sec2nd Acts™

With Andre Norman

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance. Your loved one’s past may have led to incarceration, but that past does not define them. It’s possible for them to live a life full of hope, love, and meaningful relationships. Check out SEC2ND ACTS™ podcasts with Andre Norman to see how others have turned their lives around.

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Latest Episodes: Sec2nd Acts™

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Episode 11: Turn Your Biggest Negative into Your Biggest Positive – featuring Lecrae

Episode 10: Everyone Deserves a Second Act – featuring Dominic Williams

Episode 9: Forgiveness: Start with Yourself First – featuring Michael Brown Sr.

Meet Andre Norman

“The Ambassador Of Hope”

Since 1991, Andre’s personal experiences have helped him empower companies to have authentic, unvarnished conversations that drive change. To date, he has impacted communities in 25 countries, from North America to West Africa, with his story of perseverance and commitment to social change. Andre has delivered 1,230 speeches and helped 1,720 companies make a positive impact on society.

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