Securus Correctional Billing Services (SCBS) provides friends and family of Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) offenders with account support for calling services. After you complete the registration process at www.TexasPrisonPhone.com, a customer care representative is available to answer your questions about billing, rates, and payments.

We offer various options to ensure you are able to stay connected with your loved one.

Already Have an Account?

If you have an existing account and want to receive calls from a TDCJ offender you must register your phone number. Afterwards, you will have two accounts, one specifically for calls from TDCJ and the other for calls from other correctional agencies. When making payments, be sure to indicate which account should receive the funds.

Rules and Regulations

Friends and Family Requirements

TDCJ Allows Calls to Post-Paid (no pre-paid) Cell Phones in addition to traditional landline phones.

To receive calls from an offender at any TDCJ facility, you must complete the registration process.

Are you sure you were approved?
To verify, call 1-866-806-7804
Options 1, 2, 0, 0

TDCJ Requirements
  1. The registrant’s name must match:
    • Drivers license or State ID.
    • Current phone bill.
  2. Offender enrolls in the voice identification system associated with the phones.
  3. Phones are available from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM (unless conditions dictate a change).
  4. No calls are allowed to international numbers.
  5. Called party must be successfully registered and validated before calls are allowed.
  6. Not all offender classifications are permitted to place calls.
  7. Calls may be up to 20 minutes. You will hear a warning message one minute before being disconnected.
  8. Offenders have unlimited monthly minutes.
  9. All calls, except to their Attorney of Record, are subject to monitoring and recording.
  10. The Called party must answer the phone and press 1 to accept the call. The phone system does not allow offenders to leave a voice message.

Note: TDCJ units occasionally take the offender phone system offline for security reasons.

Answering A Call

Calls from TDCJ are announced by a computerized voice. It will tell you if the call is collect (you pay for it) or if the call is free (the offender pays for it).

You must accept the call by pressing 1 before talking to the offender.

Avoid Being Disconnected

The offender telephones have features that may disconnect your call if a violation is detected. To avoid being disconnected,


  • Transfer the call
  • Use call waiting
  • Put the call on Hold
  • Press any button on the key pad
  • Use call forwarding
  • Conference another person on the phone
  • Make a 3-way call
  • Use a cordless phone

Accounts and Rates

We offer multiple types of accounts to ensure you get connected with TDCJ offenders.

Direct Bill Account

This account was automatically created after registration when you were approved to receive calls. The account will have an initial credit limit of $85.00 which will be increased to $200.00 after 90 days if the account is kept current and you have paid your invoices in full and on time. A monthly bill is sent to you detailing the calls you received.

  • If you reach your credit limit prior to the next bill cycle, you can not receive more calls until we receive your payment. For payment options, click here.
  • If your Direct Bill Account becomes past due, it is automatically converted to a Friends & Family Prepaid Account.

Friends & Family Prepaid Account

A prepaid account ensures you are always ready to receive calls. Since you pay before being called, there is never a disruption in service as long as the account is funded. You can request your Direct Bill Account be converted to a prepaid account at any time. Want to convert your account? click here.

Offender Debit Account

This account allows offenders to pay for their own calls. You can fund this account too. For details, click here.


Account Type Calls In Texas Calls Outside Texas
Direct Bill $0.260 $0.25
Friends & Family Prepaid $0.260 $0.21
Offender Debit* $0.260 $0.21

Rates are on a per minute basis.


Description Fee Fee Type
Direct Bill Account $2.00/month Statement Processing Fee
Check or Money Order $0.00 Statement Processing Fee
Credit Card using Live Agent $5.95 Credit Card Processing Fee
Credit Card using IVR or Web $3.00 Credit Card Processing Fee
Check or Money Order to Western Union View Fees Minimum funding: $25.00

*Offender Debit calls receive a 10% discount off Friends & Family and Direct Bill account rates. The rate reflects this discount.

Payment Options

We offer multiple ways of making a payment to your account:

  • By Phone with a credit or debit card: 800-844-6591*
  • By website with a credit or debit card: www.securustech.net*
  • By U.S. mail with a check, money order, cashiers check, or other form of guaranteed payment:

For Direct-Collect Account & F&F Prepaid Account payments:
P.O. Box 650757
Securus Correctional Billing Services
Dallas, TX 75265-0757 Make remittances payable to CBS. Include your account number and your phone number.

For Offender Debit Account payments:
Securus’ CBS Offender Debit Account
P.O. Box 975420
Dallas, TX 75397-5420 For Offender Debit Account funding, complete a remittance slip and include the offender’s first and last name and the TDCJ ID number. This ensures the correct offender receives the funds.

*processing fees apply

You may also make a payment using:

Access and Manage Your Account

To access and manage your account online or over the phone you need a pass code – you may use any 4 digit number that you choose. To setup your pass code, call our Customer Support Center at 1-800-844-6591.

After you have your pass code, you can register to use our online service to manage your account by enrolling in Securus Online.

Offender Debit

At TDCJ, offenders have an Offender Debit Account. They can transfer funds from their Trust Fund account to their Offender Debit Account to pay for their own calls. You can add funds to this account too. Funds placed in Offender Debit Accounts become the property of the offender and can be used to call anyone on their approved calling list. Friends and family will not be able to receive refunds from these accounts.

When funding an Offender Debit Account, you have three options:


Credit card/debit card online and to setup an account to view your payment history, enroll in Securus Online.

Credit card/debit card online without setting up an account
Click Here

This account is only used for making phone calls. Offenders can not use this for commissary orders.

By Phone

Credit card/debit card call Securus Correctional Billing Services at

By Mail

Complete the remittance slip below and mail it with your payment.

Offender Debit Account Remittance Instructions:
Complete the remittance slip below, print, and mail it with your check or money order to.

Securus CBS Offender Debit Account
P. O. Box 975420
Dallas, TX 75397-5420

Please make checks or money orders payable to CBS and allow 7-10 days for processing. Remember that this form must be included with your check or money order.

Required Information Form

You Information
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a call cost?

Rates vary depending upon if you live in or outside of Texas. For specific rates, click here.

When will I get my first call?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer. There are three main steps:

  1. Your name must match your driver’s license or State ID and your phone bill.
  2. You must register and be approved to receive calls.
  3. The offender enrolls in the voice biometrics system and is eligible to make calls. The whole process can take 7-30 days depending on timing and resource availability.

I was approved to receive calls, but I have not received any. Why?

There are a number of reasons this may be occurring. Some include:

  • the unit was on lockdown when he/she wanted to call you
  • no one was home to press # 1 and accept the call. (Offenders cannot leave voice messages)

Can I add money to an Offender’s Debit Account?

Yes you can! For details click here.

My offender says that when he calls me the recording says my phone is restricted, why?

There are a couple of possibilities:

  • The registration process may not be complete, to verify call 866 – 806 – 7804 (use option 1, 2, 0, 0) or visit website www.texasprisonphone.com/contact.asp.
  • There may be an issue with your billing account, to verify call 800 – 844 – 6591 or click here.

I only have a cell phone, how can I receive calls?

TDCJ now allows offenders to call post-paid cell phones. Please call the enrollment center if you wish to register a post-paid cell phone.

How many minutes does my offender have to use each month?

Offenders now have unlimited monthly minutes.

What happens if I reach the credit limit on my Direct Bill Account before my next bill arrives?

If you reach your credit limit and have not made a payment on your account, your phone number is blocked and offenders cannot call you. Simply contact CBS and make a payment and your line will be unblocked and ready for you to receive calls. For friends and family Prepaid Accounts, there is no credit limit. You must have funds in the account to receive calls.

What happens if I don’t pay my Direct Bill Account invoice when it is due?

If you have a Direct Bill Account, your credit limit every month is $85.00 which will be increased to $200.00 after 90 days if the account is kept current and you have paid your invoices in full on time. If you only spend half of your credit limit on the calls you receive, you will be billed for that amount and you can continue to receive calls and spend up to your total credit limit. You must pay your bill on or before the due date or your line will be blocked and your Direct Bill Account will be automatically converted to a Friend & Family Prepaid Account. You will not be able to receive calls until you pay the past due charges. And, all future calls you receive must be paid for in advance using your Friend & Family Prepaid Account.

What can I do to prevent calls from being blocked?

To ensure you can always receive calls, add more funds than you expect to use for the month. For example, make a payment higher than the minimum amount on the bill. If you don’t use the minutes this month, you can use it next month. When the offender is released or you close your account, you can request a refund of all unused phone time in your CBS account. Note: Unused funds placed in an offender’s account are refunded to the offender upon release.

Can I transfer funds from my other CBS account to my TDCJ account?

Yes. You can move funds between your TDCJ and non-TDCJ accounts; however, you cannot transfer funds in and out of an Offender Debit Account. You can fund an Offender prepaid account directly, but not perform transfers.

I’m not getting calls. Is my offender suspended?

To find out if your offender has been suspended from phone privileges, contact the TDCJ unit where the offender resides.

Correctional Billing Services

To discuss your Securus CBS-TDCJ account or other accounts, call 800-844-6591

Ask us a question by clicking here.

Representatives are available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Trouble Reporting

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account or had a call that was disconnected prematurely, contact the CBS Dispute Center by clicking here.

For complaints about the offender phone service provider, contact

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Offender Telephone System Management Office
P.O. Box 4016
Huntsville, TX 77342-4016

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